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Meeting the market’s expectations, Fach-Met company values universalism and time flexibility. Thanks to CNC machining centers we are able to make very precise elements in a short amount of time. Our equipment allows us to perform 3 and 4 axes processing. Latest tools and modern technology allow us to treat structural steel – alloy & non-alloy (quenched and tempered), stainless steel, non-ferrous metals, aluminum, plastic etc.

To ensure the highest quality and excellence of the finished product, we perform the work in compliance with the customers’ technical drawings or according to our own documentation based on, for example, clients’ templates. Usage of advanced CAD/CAM software sets out a brand-new approach to all the processes at every stage of element making.

We have experience working with business partners from the industries of automation, maintenance of traffic and mining, but we are open to cooperating with many other.





Further development is the key

That is why Fach-Met unceasingly aims to improve the quality, promptness and clients satisfaction.

Let’s collaborate!

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